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Thursday, October 23, 2003

06:20 Oct-24-03
One Shooting Attack Victim Taken to Barzalai
05:59 Oct-24-03
Terrorists Detected in the Nahal Oz Area
05:29 Oct-24-03
Update on the Wounded in Netzarim Attack
05:23 Oct-24-03
3 Dead in Netzarim Terror Attack
05:14 Oct-24-03
Wounded En Route to Soroka Medical Center
04:57 Oct-24-03
Army Operating on the Scene of Terror Attack
04:51 Oct-24-03
5 Wounded in Netzarim Terror Attack
04:40 Oct-24-03
Gunfire Directed at Soldiers in Rafiach Area
04:35 Oct-24-03
Electrical Outages in Tel Aviv Area
04:34 Oct-24-03
DEVELOPING STORY: Terrorist Infiltration into Netzarim