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Thursday, October 30, 2003

13th Yahrzeit of Rabbi Meir Kahane ZT”L, HY”D

Sunday, November 23th 2003

28th of Cheshvan 5764

At Noon

Kol Hamacabee

The Center for Religious Zionism
will hold its

Annual Memorial Ceremony at

Chabad of Boulder
4900 Sioux Drive
Boulder, Colorado

For information and directions
Moshe (Matt) Finberg

18 Cheshvan 5764, Wed. 12 November 2003
8pm to 9:30pm
Silent Vigil
Holocaust Memorial Fountain
Jewish Community Center
7900 Northaven

November 16, 2003, Sunday
6:00 pm.
Shmuel Sackett (Manhigut) will be speaking.
for information and R.S.V.P call 410-764-0293
or email sonenthal@aol.com

Toronto, Canada
Thursday November 20
8:00 pm
at The Chabad Center on Chabad Gate
in Thornhill
8:00pm.for information 416-667-8468
or email defense@vif.com

Los Angeles
Thursday Nov. 20, 2003
For information and R.S.V.P call 310-877-1482

New York
Sunday November 23rd (28th Cheshvan)
2:00 PM at Cong Pri Eitz Chaim
2600 Ocean Avenue (between Avenues U & V)
Brooklyn, NY
For information and directions, call 718 670 3771

Thursday November 20
8:00 pm
Shifra Hoffman will be speaking on the Kahane Legacy
at the Israel Center