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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Art mimics terrorism

Greek artist glorifies female suicide bomber - from Shark Blog

Artist with his creation: pink lace suicide belt. Photo caption in original show shows the artist stating, "I am trying to get into the psychology of a person who is preparing the vests women wear in suicide attacks."

You have to see this to believe it. The article from the Greek publication, Ta Nea, explains:
"A real story was the motivation for "Body Milk" a title that brings to mind both female cosmetics and human milk, according to Alexandros Psychoulis: that of an 18 year old Palestinian girl, Ayat Al Akra, who carried out a suicide bomb attack last March in a supermarket in Israel. "When I heard the news on television, I didn't pay much attention. By coincidence I came across her portrait on the internet. She was a very beautiful girl, educated, in love, that one could meet anywhere. Continuing the research on the net relating to suicide attacks I discovered a detail. An army of women who in the past had carried out similar actions had chosen the supermarket as their place of action, whereas men primarily preferred cafes and buses. Why were women therefore choosing the market to express their greatest protest?

I observed my female friends. They feel at home and complete in the supermarket. They move like they know its code of operation, like those women who placed the products on the shelves, while I search for hours for what I want and leave with broken nerves. I came to the conclusion that the supermarket is a woman's space. Perhaps because by her nature woman is a provider and the supermarket operates like a super female provider, magnifying woman's nature. If she therefore blows herself up there, perhaps she will feel like she is magnifying her existence and her act."
The real clincher is this quote from the artist: "I personally feel that the experiment of Israel has failed and I understand the desperation of a girl who carries out a suicide bombing having nothing to lose. But politics does not essentially concern me in the specific work."

Politics does not concern him, but the experiment of Israel has failed. From CounterPunch to the New York Review of Books, Israel is a mistake. Now this Greek shmuck. The refrain is gaining momentum worldwide. Oy vey.

Read this in full - and more - at Stefan Sharkansky's great blog.