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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Boker Tov, Boulder!
CU Panel coming up: "Two States or One?"

CJP - Coalition for Justice in Palestine - issued this press release

Two States or One?

What: A panel discussion on the one state and two state solutions

Who: Dr. Ira Chernus, Aref Nammari, Joel Edelstein, Bassem Hassan

When: Wednesday, October 22nd at 7pm

Where: CU Boulder Campus, MCDB A2B70

Why: There has been much talk about why the so-called "Road Map" and other peace processes have not worked. Although CJP has no official position on a one state or two state solution, as an organisation aimed to educate our community, we feel it is imperative to dispel any and all myths regarding such solutions and to learn about what each really means.

Panelist Bios (quotes in italics are my addition -Yael):

Dr. Joel Edelstein produces public affairs programs on KGNU-FM, Boulder County Public Radio and when needed serves as Interim Director of News and Public Affairs. He is Professor Emeritus at the University of Colorado at Denver, and has held the posts of Political Science Department Chair and Interim Dean of the Graduate School.

10/01: "For the American government to respond in a way that I would consider constructive would include the establishment of democracy in the United States." - Joel Edelstein

Bassem Hassan is a Ph.D candidate at the Graduate School of International Studies at the University of Denver. He is currently working on his dissertation entitled, "Globalization, the State and Women in Egypt." He received his MA and a Certificate in Human Rights from the same institute. His Master's thesis was on Palestinian Refugees.

Ira Chernus is Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He has served as co-director of the University's Peace and Conflict Studies program. His political commentaries appear regularly on www.commondreams.org and are heard bi-weekly on public radio station KGNU in Boulder.

10/11/02: "Most Palestinians are not educated anti-Semitically, most accept Israel's right to exist, and most want nothing to do with violence against civilians . . .. End the occupation. Get to know the truth about Palestinians. Recognize that most Palestinians want only to be left alone, so that they can form their own nation. That is the only way for them to get the safety they so rightly long for." - Ira Chernus.

10/23/02: " . . . the vast majority of Palestinians have never personally perpetrated violence against Israelis. Any of them could. Very few do. Most Palestinians choose to have nothing to do, personally, with the violence. It would be a great step forward if they condemned the violence practiced by the few. But people who support the Israeli government's violent policies hardly have any moral standing to condemn the few Palestinians who do practice violence, nor to condemn the majority who see and approve that violence." - Ira Chernus

Aref Nammari is a Palestinian who grew up in Jerusalem. He is an advocate for a single democratic and secular state in Palestine/Israel and the spokesperson for the Colorado section of the Association for One Democratic State in Palestine/Israel.

01/01: "The Clinton plan is nothing more than a disguised attempt by Israel to continue the subjugation of the Palestinians. The proposed Palestinian State will be under Israeli control and mercy. Further, the right of return of Palestinan refugees is not a matter for negotiation. It is a basic human right as guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and various UN resolutions. The Palestinians chose peace and justice for justice is the garantee of peace and there can be no peace without justice." - Aref Nammari, in a letter to phillynews.com

Contact CJP for more info: 303.492.8567 or write cjp@colorado.edu

PLUS CCMEP - Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace - holding rally October 25 in Denver
Their notice:
This is just an early invitation to join Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace in a Rally at the State Capitol Building in Denver at 1 PM on Saturday, October 25th. (NB: always on Shabbos)

Theme will be "End the Occupation of Iraq, Bring the Troops Home."

We are planning this rally to be in solidarity with International ANSWER and United for Peace and Justice who are planning a national action on the same day with the same theme.

CCMEP is taking the lead in planning this rally, but please put this on your calendar, websites, and send this out to all your activist friends. If you have ideas for us or would like to offer assistance or co-sponsorship, please let me know.

Kate Goodspeed, 303-333-2410, goodkate88@yahoo.com