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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

From JCPA - Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs' Daily Alert

Purpose of Geneva "Agreement" to Arouse Political Debate in Israel: No Concession on Right of Return, No Recognition of Israel as Jewish State
Kadura Fares, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and a senior member of the Fatah movement, gave an interview to the London newspaper al-Hayat in which he clarified the purpose of the "Geneva understandings." He stated that they were intended to arouse an internal Israeli debate that would stand in opposition to the policy of the Israeli government. He specified that while at Taba the Palestinians were to obtain 87% of the 1967 territories, now they would achieve nearly 100% including Israeli removal of Ariel. He added that the Palestinians did not concede the right of return. Nor did they recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Finally, the Palestinians would acquire full sovereignty over the Temple Mount. (NewsFirstClass-Hebrew/MSN-Israel-Hebrew)
US-occupied Iraq joins Israel boycott
DAMASCUS Oct 12 - Iraq joined 17 other member states for a meeting of the Arab League's Office of Boycotting Israel here Sunday for the first time since the US-led coalition occupied the country in April.

Sabah Abddel Wahab al-Iman, head of the Iraqi mission in Damascus, led his country's delegation to the meeting, the first since the US-appointed interim Governing Council was granted Iraq's seat at the Arab League last month.

Ahmad Khazaa, the Syrian head of the Office of Boycotting Israel, opened the meeting with a call for the continued "economic and political boycott of Israel'' in the face of the "ferocious Zionist offensive'' against the Arab nation.

Delegates will discuss the issue of Israeli companies investing in post-Saddam Hussein Iraq during the meeting which lasts until Thursday, Khazaa said.

The three Arab League members which maintain diplomatic relations with Israel - Egypt, Jordan and Mauritania - were as usual absent from the meeting, as was the troubled Comoro Islands.

Iraq's future relations with Israel have become a controversial issue with pressure from the US-led coalition for the post-Saddam leadership to pursue peaceful ties with all regional states.

Iraq was the only Arab state never to sign an armistice agreement with Israel after the 1948 foundation of the Jewish state. - AFP