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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Gillerman: "A humiliating farce"

UN VOTES 144 - 4 to condemn Israel for security fence
The UN General Assembly overwhelmingly approved late on Tuesday a resolution demanding that Israel halt construction of a barrier cutting deep into Palestinian West Bank lands. [to keep out suicide bombers]

The vote was 144 - 4 with 12 abstentions, with the United States and Israel voting 'no' along with the Marshall Islands and Micronesia.

Abstaining were Australia, Burundi, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Malawi, Nauru, Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda and Tuvalu.

Following the General Assembly vote, Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman called the proceeding "a humiliating farce" and excoriated European Union governments for concluding that "Israel's security measures are far more serious than the murder perpetrated by Palestinian terrorist groups."

"As long as the majority in this assembly will pander and tolerate these rituals, no one should wonder why the victims of terrorism and those who hope for peace look elsewhere for guidance, protection and inspiration," Gillerman said.
NB: A resolution of the General Assembly is not legally binding.