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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

If the terrorist intifadah is about Israeli occupation, why are they bombing Americans in Gaza?

"With one bomb, the road map has changed" by Robert Stewart
from Newsday.com:
The attack near the Palestinian town of Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip wasn't merely another in a mind-numbing string of attacks designed to derail the "road map" - though the goal, and the actors, were likely the same. Though it is unclear who the terrorists believed were in the convoy, the fact remains that this was the first successful attack against U.S. citizens in Gaza over the last three years of the current intifada.

The action was an escalation, planned or otherwise, that puts the lie to the excuse that somehow suicide bombers who kill women and children are merely responding to Israeli "occupation." The bomb killed U.S. citizens who were in Gaza as part of an effort to forge a peace process on behalf of Palestinians - interviewing candidates for a Fulbright scholarship, a key part of the American public diplomacy effort in the region. The casualties were men with diplomatic passports - not Israeli troops.