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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

In response to the Sukkah Burning in Boulder (see story below, yesterday)

I am glad to present . . .

Affordable Klutz-Proof Sukkah Kits
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SOME SEASON HIGHLIGHTS: --We finally sent a kit to Hawaii, the last of the 50 states to receive a Sukkah Project Klutz-Proof kit. We also sent a kit to a staff member at the American Embassy in Managua, Nicaragua. And learned that in Nicaragua, "2x4" lumber is really 2 inches by 4 inches (so the braces didn't fit!).

--Two great newspaper stories featured the Sukkah Project: The (Bergen County, NJ) Record and the Washington Post.

The other story is no longer online, but we can email it to you if you are interested (write to stevehen@sukkot.com):

--The biggest-ever Sukkah Project sukkah was built this year by Rutgers University Hillel-- a 115x80 Tubular design built on the roof of a New Brunswick, NJ hotel. This is not likely to become a standard design for us, but it does demonstrate the possibilities offered by our modular construction.

We've received a couple of reports that one of the Sukkah Banners sold this year (Ushpizot, by Galia Goodman) may contain some unstable ink that runs slightly when the banner gets wet. If you have purchased this banner and find this to be the case, please let us know and we will provide you with another copy that is fully weather resistant. Our printer is looking into the cause of this problem and will remedy it.

As you may be aware, the Bamboo Mats we sell for schach (sukkah roof covering) are certified by Star-K. Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, Rabbinical Supervisor of Star-K has written an informative essay on the halachot of schach, including an explanation of why the bamboo mats made with monofilament line are kosher.


If you'd like to expand or upgrade your sukkah for next year, now is a good time to pick up what you'll need. Or if you have a wedding or housewarming present to give, a sukkah kit or a banner makes a wonderful gift.

And you will NEVER find a better price on bamboo mats than $.80/sq.ft!

We have all sizes of family-sized and congregational wood-frame kits available, as well as bamboo mats in sizes 5x10, 6x10, 8x8 and 8x12. Also some boxes of Fruits&Veggies, all sizes of SukkahScreen, and a number of Sukkah Banners (including the one pictured here).

To take advantage of these special prices please call or email us with your order (919-489-7325; stevehen@sukkot.com) as soon as possible.

Buy your school or shul a 16x16ft BigSukkah with SukkahScreen and bamboo s'chach (four 8x8 mats) and we'll throw in FREE SHIPPING on the whole order. Total savings: $160! This is the Sukkah we use at our local Synagogue, Beth El in Durham, NC. Steve set it up by himself this year, bottom to top, in about 2 hours--it's a great kit.

Sukkah Banner by Flora Rosefsky, 24"x44"