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Monday, October 20, 2003

Internet Haganah website attacked by Al Qaida supporters

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haganah b'internet::internet haganah
an online counter-insurgency

In case you hadn't heard, the public sites of Internet Haganah, haganah.us and haganah.org.il, were knocked offline by a distributed denial of service attack. The attack was engineered primarily by Al Qaida supporters, and participants were recruited in a number of Arabic-language forums, most of which are hosted in Malaysia. The attack appears to have been a largely Saudi/European operation, but what details we have to support that claim will *not* be released by us or by our service providers. We'll settle accounts with the people responsible, and with the web sites and companies involved in this incident, at whatever time may suit us. We have a long memory for such things as this, and we are patient.

Moving forward:

For Internet Haganah to have a fighting chance of surviving such attacks we need to mirror our site at multiple locations, on different backbones, in different datacenters. This costs money, money we don't have.

Contributions to Internet Haganah at this time will go towards securing additional servers, domain names, DNS services and other expenses related to making our presence on the internet more resistant to future attacks.

I don't know of anything more important we can do to help at this moment. Aaron is obviously doing his work well, given such recognition by the enemy. He has taken out literally hundreds of terrorist websites.

Please give. Immediately and Generously.

Todah rabah,