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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Internet Haganah's timing right on target

Report on POPULAR RESISTANCE COMMITTEE just days before they bomb American convoy

A week ago today, Internet Haganah published a report on the Gaza terrorists, Popular Resistance Committee. The PRC, consisting of Fatah and Islamist groups affiliated with Hizballah, has claimed responsibility for today's attack on an American diplomatic convoy in Gaza. (The diplomats, from the American embassy in Tel Aviv, were travelling in Gaza to interview Palestinian candidates for Fulbright scholarships. The last car in the convoy contained their security guards, and was decimated by a remote-control explosion. Three were killed and one wounded.)

Lucky for us, the web presence of the PRC is in the sights of Internet Haganah. Chillingly, the website noted is "housed" in Parsippany, New Jersey.

SEE THE FULL REPORT, and don't leave without contributing (via PayPal) to this herculean effort.

As usual, my gratitude to Internet Haganah. Superb work. Kol hakavod!