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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Israeli Students Boycott Professors who support the Rebel-Pilots

According to Israel National News, the University Students' Union has publicized a call for all students to boycott the 200 professors who signed a petition in support of the "rebel pilots," and not to sign up for their courses.

Igniting the controversy was a letter sent last week to Israel Air Force Chief Gen. Dan Halutz by 27 pilots, including 18 on non-active duty, saying they would refuse to carry out the "unethical" orders to bomb murderous terrorists hiding out amidst Arab civilians. Their many critics state that they are more concerned with the risk to Arab civilians than that to Israelis who are targeted by the terrorists.

The students' call, signed by 22 student union heads from around the country and addressed to the professors, stated,
We call on the student public to give up on the privilege of hearing your learned doctrine and to boycott your lectures.

You, with your confused ideas, are not worthy of imparting knowledge to anyone, and we are ashamed of you. Refusal to carry out orders is against the country's laws and it eats away at the foundations of democracy. It is incumbent on a well-founded state to condemn and uproot phenomena of this nature. . .

The wayward pilots should be made to stand public trial and be stripped of their ranks. By saying that 'the real terrorist infrastructure is the continued occupation of Palestinian lands,' you have 'let the blood' of tens of thousands of students who serve in the reserves for the Israel Defense Forces and who are on the watch night and day to guard the nation and the land."
Three pilots have so far withdrawn their signatures from their original letter, and two more have joined.