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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

James Taranto blogs on antisemitism

Excerpts from the Best of the Web Today at WSJ Opinion Journal
The LA Times covers Joe Lieberman's campaign appearance in Dearborn, Michigan over the weekend - at a conference sponsored by the Arab American Institute:
"He is such a Jew"
"Go home to Tel Aviv," one woman called in disgust as Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew, cast Israelis as victims of Palestinian terrorism. . . .

"He makes me so mad," said Hanan Rasheed, a Palestinian activist from Danville, Calif. During Lieberman's speech, she derided him under her breath, at one point muttering: "He is such a Jew." Later, she said: "He's running for the wrong office. He should be running for the prime minister of Israel." . . .

"Lieberman? I hated him," said Tawfiq Barqawi, president of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee of Greater Philadelphia.
More from the New York Sun:
Jews and Jews in Pews have hijacked "Palestine" and America
[The conference] saw a former Jesse Jackson aide, Robert Borosage, appear on a panel and say, "one of the reasons that we have been unable to talk sense about the Middle East is that we had a very organized Jewish community that made it known to legislators that if you stray, we are going to punish you." . . .

"When Joe Lieberman got up, my blood was boiling," said a Republican from California, Michael Farah, who is chairman of the American Lebanese Chamber of Commerce of North America. "The Israelis, if they want to build a wall, let them build it on their own damn land."

Samear Zaitoon of Baton Rouge, La., a civilian translator of Arabic for the Department of Defense who just returned from six months of service in the Middle East, sat next to this reporter Friday night at a dinner addressed by [Dick] Gephardt and by the chairman of the Democratic National Committee,Terry McAuliffe.

"You don't know about Americans of the Jewish faith having two passports?" Mr. Zaitoon asked. By way of explaining the Israeli-Arab conflict, he said, "Our problem is a civil war inside Judaism between Orthodox and Reform, and it's spilling over." A quick check of the Internet turns up a letter to the editor from a Samear Zaitoon of Baton Rouge, La., asserting that "the Zionists--Jewish and their misguided so-called 'Protestant Christian' supporters (who are really Jews in church pews)--have succeeded in hijacking not only Palestine but also America. . . . Jewish Zionist terrorists have hijacked two whole countries!"
Is it unreasonable to worry that anti-Semitism may find a place in the Democratic Party? Far from it. Indeed, it already has. . . it does seem fair to observe that the Democratic presidential candidates are trying to appeal to a constituency within which there is a strong and troubling current of anti-Semitism.

Those who worry about anti-Semitism should also be concerned with the current mood of the Democratic Party. Reuters reports that Howard Dean, who is no anti-Semite, received a standing ovation at the Arab-American confab when he delivered a stock harangue attacking the patriotism of various (non-Jewish) conservative figures.

Not everyone on the Angry Left is anti-Semitic--indeed, some of the Angriest Leftists are Jewish--but a party that stands for nothing other than rage may find it difficult to enforce distinctions between legitimate and illegitimate targets of that rage.