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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Keep this List Handy

Thanks to CAMERA, Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America

newswatch@foxnews.com (Fox News Watch)
Reliable@CNN.com (Reliable Sources)
onthemedia@wnyc.org (NPR)
kurtzh@washpost.com (Wash. Post media critic Howard Kurtz)
cjr@columbia.edu (Columbia Journalism Review)
alex_jones@harvard.edu (Alex Jones, Harvard)


ABC News (212) 456-2800
Go to website to submit comment.

Nightline: nightline@abcnews.com (202) 222-7000

CBS News (212) 975-4321
Go to this website and submit comment.

CNN: (404) 827-1500
Wolf Blitzer: wolf@cnn.com
Reliable Sources: Reliable@CNN.com (202) 898-7575

Fox News Channel (212) 301-3000
Letters: comments@foxnews.com
oreilly@foxnews.com (Bill O'Reilly)
hannity@foxnews.com (Sean Hannity)
foxreport@foxnews.com (Shepard Smith)
special@foxnews.com (Brit Hume)
beltway@foxnews.com (Fred Barnes)
newswatch@foxnews.com (media critic:Fox News Watch)

MSNBC: (201) 583-5000
hardball@msnbc.com (Hardball with Chris Matthews)
countdown@msnbc.com (Countdown with Keith Olbermann)
joe@msnbc.com (Scarborough Country)


NPR: (202) 513-2000
Ombudsman: Jeffrey Dvorkin: jdvorkin@npr.org
VP News, Bruce Drake: bdrake@npr.org
All Things Considered: atc@npr.org
On the Media: onthemedia@wnyc.org

Radio host Laura Ingraham:


Boston Globe: (617) 929-2000
Letters-to-the-editor: letter@globe.com
Ombudsman: ombud@globe.com
Foreign Editor: James Smith: jsmith@globe.com

Chicago Sun-Times: (312) 321-3000
Letters-to-the-editor: letters@suntimes.com
Foreign News Editor: Katie Wadington: kwadington@suntimes.com

Chicago Tribune: (312) 222-3232
Letters-to-the-editor: ctc-tribletter@tribune.com
Ombudsman: publiceditor@tribune.com
Editor: Ann Marie Lipinski: alipinski@tribune.com
Foreign Editor: Colin McMahon: cmcmahon@tribune.com

Cleveland Plain Dealer: (216) 999-4800
Letters-to-the-editor: letters@plaind.com
Editor: Douglas C.Clifton: dclifton@plaind.com

Los Angeles Times: (213) 237-5000
Letters-to-the-editor: letters@latimes.com
Ombudsman: readers.rep@latimes.com
Editor: John S. Carroll: john.carroll@latimes.com
Foreign Editor: Marjorie Miller: marjorie.miller@latimes.com

Miami Herald: (305) 350-2000
Letters-to-the-editor: heralded@herald.com
World Editor: Juan Vasquez: worldnews@herald.com (305) 376-3624

New York Sun: (212) 406-2000
Letters-to-the-editor: editor@nysun.com
Comments: newsdesk@nysun.com

NY Times: General number: (212) 556-1234
comments: (888) 698-6397
Letters-to-the-editor: letters@nytimes.com
Comments: nytnews@nytimes.com
Foreign Desk: foreign@nytimes.com

Orlando Sentinel: (407) 420-5411
Letters-to-the-editor: insight@orlandosentinel.com
Ombudsman Manning Pynn: mpynn@orlandosentinel.com
Editor: Tim Franklin: editor@orlandosentinel.com

Philadelphia Inquirer: (215) 854-2000
Letters-to-the-editor: inquirer.letters@phillynews.com
Editor: editor@phillynews.com
Foreign Editor: foreign@phillynews.com

Raleigh News & Observer: (919) 829-4517
Letters-to-the-editor: forum@newsobserver.com
Executive Editor Melanie Sill: msill@newsobserver.com
Publisher: oquarles@newsoberver.com

San Diego Union-Trib: (619) 299-3131
Letters-to-the-editor: letters@uniontrib.com
Foreign Affairs Editor David Gaddis Smith: david.smith@uniontrib.com

San Francisco Chronicle: (415) 777-1111
Letters-to-the-editor: letters@sfchronicle.com
Readers' Rep: readerrep@sfchronicle.com

Star-Ledger: (973) 392-4040
Letters-to-the-editor: eletters@starledger.com
Ombudsman Charles Harrison: readerrep@starledger.com
or charrison@starledger.com

USA Today: (703) 854-3400
Letters-to-the-editor: editor@usatoday.com
World Editor: Elisa Tinsley: etinsley@usatoday.com

Washington Post: (202) 334-7512
Letters-to-the-editor: letters@washpost.com
ombudsman@washpost.com (202) 334-7582
Foreign Desk: foreign@washpost.com
Media Critic Howard Kurtz: KurtzH@washpost.com


Newsweek: (212) 445-4000
Letters-to-the-editor: letters@newsweek.com
International Editors: Editors@newsweek.com

Time magazine: (212) 522-3817
Letters-to-the-editor: letters@time.com
Editor: James Kelly: james_kelly@timemagazine.com

US News & World Report: (202) 955-2000
Lettors-to-the-editor: letters@usnews.com
Please contact CAMERA with any revisions you may have for this list: leahgreen@aol.com