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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Mahathir didn't mean ALL Jews

"just the Zionist movement and Jewish activists who support Israel"
Whew, don't you feel better already? This from Al Bawaba (I'm not kidding) at http://www.albawaba.com/news/index.php3?sid=261601&lang=e&dir=news:
The Muslim intellectual Kamel al Sharif supports Mahathir’s comments but he said they were misinterpreted. He called the Malaysian PM to issue an explanation that he meant just to the Zionist movement and Jewish activists who support Israel and not to all the Jewish people as Muslims respect this religion.

“What Dr. Mahathir said depicts facts…we feel that despite the small numbers of Jews in the US and Europe, they have big and direct influence on politics in these countries and lead big powers to take actions that are inconsistent with justice, logic or religion,” al Sharif told Albawaba.

The Jordanian intellectual added, “the US, for example, has put itself on the side of Israel despite the fact it is the only superpower with everybody admitting that. The US saves no effort to just please a few Jews because they control the financial and media markets in the US and what applies to the U applies to the western countries too.”

Taking this into account, Sharif sees that Mahathir has not gone beyond facts when he said that few people are controlling the world. Additionally, Sharif sees that the Malaysian Premier meant to the Zionist movement and activists in the US and Europe who support Israel. “He meant the Zionism. According to Islam, Judaism is a heavenly religion and Quran praises the Old Testament and prophet Moses, God has peace upon him, and considers him a great prophet. The Jews lived always in the Islamic countries as a respected minority but the emergence of Zionism and the Israeli hatred for Muslims has overturned the equation,” added Sharif.

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