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Friday, October 10, 2003


An Israeli soldier adjusts his helmet during an Israeli army operation in the Rafah refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip early Friday Oct. 10, 2003. Israeli forces, trying to demolish tunnels, allegedly (sic) used for smuggling Palestinian weapons, fought gunmen for hours Friday in the largest army raid in half a year in Rafah, a frequent battlefield. Three Palestinians were killed and 35 were wounded, and an Israeli soldier was also hurt. (AP Photo / Gil Cohen Magen, Pool)

Jeff Jacoby, explaining the war to a six-year-old, his son:
"The truth is, Caleb, if it weren't for war, you would not exist. In the spring of 1945, your father's father was near death in a Nazi concentration camp; he survived and was liberated thanks to the bombs and bullets of the Allies, who managed to destroy Hitler before Hitler managed to destroy every last Jew in Europe. Men with guns saved your family from extinction. Never forget that."

Donate online to SOS Fund: Save Our Soldiers, whose mission is to outfit every Israeli soldier with a top quality bulletproof vest.