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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

NACHAS from Rutgers

"Israel Inspires" responds to three days of hate and extremism with a year of celebration, education, and inspiration.
Come participate in the Israel Inspires Rally on October 9th. Join thousands of people from all over the world as they rally in celebration of Israeli democracy and in support of Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state.
What is the relationship between this program and the National Student Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement?

Answer: Organizers of the National Student Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement support university divestment from companies doing business with the State of Israel. They have promoted the destruction of the State of Israel and have refused to oppose terrorist attacks against Israelis.

Students United for Israel believes that a secure, economically healthy Israel is in the best position to make peace with its neighbors. Students United for Israel has sponsored a wide array of pro-Israel programs on campus in the last two years that appeal to students' interest in arts, culture, politics and social activities. Israel Inspires will concentrate these programs in a three-day celebration of Israel. Israel Inspires activities will contrast with the negative message of the Palestine conference.

The Palestinian conference at Rutgers presents enormous challenges to our community, but also a unique opportunity to focus increased resources and attention on of the most important issues facing both college students and the entire Jewish community.
Find out what you can do to support these students, and/or send them words of encouragement and gratitude ~ info@israelinspires.org

Kol Hakavod!