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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

New York Times buys into Arab propaganda

Is the intifadah an "uprising for statehood" or just plain, old-fashioned jihad?
In coverage of today's Palestinian attack on an American diplomatic convoy, NY Times writers John F. Burns and Greg Myre just have to squeeze this phrase in:
" . . . Palestinian militant groups have launched suicide bombings and other attacks, mostly against Israelis, throughout the uprising for statehood, but it would be the first such direct attack against Americans . . ."
It's a matter of opinion whether this intifadah is an uprising for statehood or just part and parcel of an ongoing Arab Muslim war against "the infidels." Arab Muslims were killing Jews at a steady clip during the period of 1948-1967, when Israel was not a presence in the predominantly Arab territories, when it was Egypt which "occupied" Gaza and Jordan "occupied" the so-called West Bank.

In the years 1951-1955, at least a thousand Israeli Jews were murdered by Arab terrorists.

In fact, the roots of jihad go back to the advent of Islam: Mohammed himself had 800 Jews beheaded in Medina in the year 627 C.E. - Check this out, from The Peace Encyclopedia at Yahoodi.com
A thousand Muslims besieged the fortress of the Bani Qurayzah for 25 days when the Jews eventually opened their gates and threw themselves on Muhammad's mercy. They agreed to a chieftain of a Medinan tribe, Sa'd ibn Muadh, judging them for their treachery to the young Islamic state. The Mosaic law applied to the Jews and their punishment should have been total extermination: "thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth" (Deuteronomy 20, 16). Allah was more merciful than Jehovah however (33:26) and Sa'd's adjudication was to slay the men and take the women and children into captivity. The Prophet was pleased and replied to Sa'd: "Thou hast judged with the judgement of God from above the seven heavens."

In the morning Muhammad ordered long, deep and narrow trenches to be dug in the market place. The seven hundred or so men from Bani Qurayzah were brought in small groups to kneel beside the trench. Then the younger and stronger believers cut off the Jews' heads each with a stroke of a sword. The last to die were beheaded by torchlight.

The women, children and property were divided amongst those who had taken part in the siege. The Bani Nadir ransomed many of their kin but Muhammad kept for himself, as concubine, a beautiful Jewess named Rayhanah.
And this, to boot:
"It is not the 800 Jews of Medina [slaughtered by Mohammed in 627 AD], but millions of infidels slaughtered in subsequent centuries that should make us pause and reflect. Not only that. Those who defend the Prophet [Mohammed] should reflect on the fate of the millions of infidels for whose heads the mujahid's knife is being sharpened in all Islamic countries right at this moment."

- Professor Suhas Majumbar
Jihad: The Islamic Concept of Permanent War
Voice of India, New Delhi, 1994

Anyone out there catching my drift?