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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

News from Israel


You have probably been watching the news channels with their reports of dozens of Palestinian injuries from targeted bombs yesterday in Gaza (I'm not talking about what happened tonight in Ramallah where Israel is finally going after all the terrorist scum hiding out in Arafat's compound.) Yesterday, the Palestinians "reported" how the bombs injured and killed dozens of innocent bystanders. Saed Erekat told a gullible Fox News reporter it was one of the worst crimes ever committed. Members of the Knesset even offered to pay the poor victims.

Tonight we in Israel saw aerial photos released by the army of this attack. The car was alone on the road. A car containing terrorists and a suicide bomber equipped to go. No bystanders at all anywhere. It was targeted and hit. It rolled backwards. An ambulance came by. The plane waited until the ambulance passed. Then it hit the car again. Three bodies were seen after the attack.

Well, why aren't we surprised? Spread the word.

Naomi Ragen
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UPDATE: IAF footage refutes claims of massacre in Gaza
JPost: Twenty hours after the IAF helicopter rocket attack on a vehicle containing Hamas terrorists in the Nuseirat refugee camp on Monday night, which was described by the Palestinians as a massacre and by MIK Ranan Cohen as a "blitz", the air force released footage that clearly shows there were no Palestinian civilians in the street when the two rockets hit the car despite Palestinian reports claiming otherwise.

The thermal footage taken by a remote control drone that filmed the entire rocket attack begins shortly before the first rocket hits the vehicle carrying the Hamas suspects.

The picture shows the main road in the camp with two vehicles traveling a distance apart along it. The helicopter monitors the movement of the terrorist's car, which is the second vehicle seen on the film and shows the first Hellfire missile directly hitting it.

The driver loses control, crashes into a tree and the car disappears, hidden by a building, but is seen seconds later traveling in reverse. There are no people on the streets and no other vehicles when the car comes to a halt.

An ambulance is then seen passing the damaged vehicle as it continues along the road. Only after the ambulance is a distance away does the air force pilot release the second rocket which hits the vehicle and clearly shows three bodies lying in the street.

For at least two and a half minutes after the attack the footage shows the thermal images of one or two other people in the area but not close to where the vehicle that was hit.

On Monday night following the attack Palestinians claimed eight people were killed and over eighty wounded. Palestinian media reports claimed that air force helicopters fired one rocket which hit the car and then a second rocket into a crowd that had gathered around the burning vehicle.