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Monday, October 20, 2003

Palestinian medical workers wheel in wounded baby Basem El-Jamal , one year old, into the treatment room at Shifa hospital in Gaza city, Monday Oct. 20, 2003. Israeli F-16 warplanes on Monday attacked what the military said was a rocket workshop just 200 meters (yards) from the home of an Islamic Jihad leader, Abdullah Shami, who was not hurt. The air strike hit a two-story building under construction where the army said Qassam rockets were being made. (AP Photo/Adel Hana)

I have no reason not to trust that if the IDF says rockets were being made there, then indeed they were.

On the Arab side, I have no such trust. I see the photo above and am cynical. I'm sorry, maybe the child is hurt, but he doesn't look hurt and isn't even crying, as the medical worker stops so that someone can take advantage of the video opportunity. How can I trust a people who proudly encourage their children to blow themselves up? How can I believe they would not exploit this baby?