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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Professors rain on parade, protest Israeli speakers at RUTGERS

According to these academics, a pro-Israel position is "extreme right wing"
We were all happy and grateful that the students at Rutgers had decided to answer growing antisemitism there with a series of positive events centering around Israel. Well, bye bye happiness.

SIXTY professors have signed a statement expressing their "grave concern" and "growing unease" with the role that Rutgers Hillel is playing "in the promototion of the extreme right wing on campus." Oh, horrors.

Read the full story in The Daily Targum.

NOTE: This banner, hung in Rutgers' Douglas Campus Student Center and then moved to the main campus Rutgers Student Center, merited no such criticism from faculty. I guess extreme left wing calls for the dissolution of the state of Israel and who-knows-what fate of the Jews living here, is acceptable, while love of Israel is a threat.

Photo courtesy of jihad in jersey

Tovia Singer says that American Jews are not in dire straits unless - until - the economy tanks. Let's hope that he's right, and that the economy doesn't tank.