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Sunday, October 12, 2003

Quick! Kill him Before he Dies!

by Moshe Feiglin
They say that Arafat is sick, that he has cancer, that his days are numbered.

If this is correct, then our time is running out.

Our time?

Yes! Our great window of opportunity, to kill Arafat and re-conquer justice, is closing.

We have never said that Arafat should be killed in order to solve the program, although this is certainly likely to happen.

We have never claimed that he should be killed for tactical, pragmatic, practical, sophisticated, security reasons, etc. For precisely these reasons all the people motivated by security, pragmatic, and practical considerations have always recommended leaving him alive.

Since then he is living and we are dying.

Because this self-same apparent practicality, that led them to the conclusion that he must be brought back to life, also caused them to bring them here and give him our country. This is the same "wisdom" that allowed death to enter our windows.

This is the practicality based on the conception of reality as a lump of useless material.

The consequent aim is preservation of the material, or in other words, survival. It is called "peace" in a more pleasant-sounding way.

This consciousness has no room for values such as justice and truth.

It is doubtful if there is place in it for any kind of values - certainly not those that do not immediately serve the need for the preservation of (the illusion of) the material.

Consequently the call to kill Arafat frightens them so much, and the very walls trembled when we published our call to kill Arafat three years ago.

Consequently the legal advisor to the government considered bringing the undersigned to trial on a charge of incitement to mutiny because of this call, and again considered the issue when the Jerusalem Post recently published an editorial making a similar demand. This is because the war is not about the way to handle Arafat. The war is between two different philosophies that cannot co-exist: The philosophy of materialism against that of reality.

Those who flee to the illusion of materialism feel threatened by those who possess a complete philosophy of reality.

The force motivating this war is justice. Arafat has never demanded Eretz Israel for materialistic reasons of a city of refuge. He has never demanded the right of Arab refugees to return as a pragmatic solution. He has never employed the contemptible materialistic terminology of the Left. He has always spoken, and will always speak, about one thing only - justice.

Peres said that the problem lies with the poverty, backwardness, lack of material. The well-to-do female lawyer who blew herself up in the Maxim Restaurant had apparently not heard him.

She blew herself up because she thought she was in the right.

Why shouldn't she think so? The Jews themselves admit it. Not only did their prime minister call Eretz Israel conquered territory; not only in the heart of Jerusalem, on the Temple Mount, in the source of the holiness, the Israelis are forbidding Jews to pray; and the person who has killed more of them than anyone else, they are protecting against attack. In other words, they are confirming that justice lies with him. This is perhaps the last opportunity for us to restore to ourselves our real strength, to return justice to ourselves.

He is dying.

Quick! Kill him before he dies!