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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

The Slaughter of the Families

"It took one second and the family is gone"

This is a composite photo (AP) of members of the Zer-Aviv family, killed in Saturday's suicide bombing attack on a Haifa restaurant, made available Sunday Oct. 5, 2003 by the family in the northern Israeli kibbutz of Yagur. From left to right, Bruriya Zer-Aviv, 54, her son B'tzalel, 30, his wife Keren, 29, and their two children, Noya, 1, and Liran, 4.

Benjamin Shiloh, the Zer-Aviv's neighbor for 18 years in Kibbutz Yagur, began to fear for them after he recognized their belongings while watching the news: "I saw the baby carriage that every day sat outside their home. Then I saw a bottle of milk on TV that said 'Noya.' "

"I have lost everything," said Shimon Elmakayes, as he bade final farewell to his daughter Keren.

"It's a disaster we're still trying to comprehend," said Avi Bar-Or, who is related to the other family, the Almogs. "It took one second, and the family is gone."

"Why these killings and when will it end?," said one veteran kibbutznik with tears streaming down his face.

The Islamic Jihad attack in Haifa has been dubbed the "Slaughter of the Families."