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Friday, October 03, 2003

This from India

"The Long Shadow of Israel" by Lt. Gen. Vinay Shankar (Ret.)
I can't seem to link to this, so am stuck with posting just the excerpt from Asian Age in India, provided by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs' Daily Alert:
India's emerging dependence on Israel for armaments is, unlike the past, a dependence of choice, for almost all our requirements could have been met from alternative sources. However, the Israelis brought more to the table than just commerce; they perhaps also brought a commitment to our security concerns.

Israel has the highest ratio of engineers to population in the world. Similarly, its investment in R&D as a percentage of its GDP is not matched by any other country. Each year its people-to-patents ratio is well above the others.

Through cooperation and strategic linkages with Israel, the benefits that India can derive are considerable. Israel is a small country but it has the potential to prop us so that the hardly visible shadow of India becomes clearly discernible in the Asian region.
It's good, huh? I'll keep trying to provide a working link, so that we can all read the rest.

No time for more blogging now, too much happening on the home front. I'll let you know about the "Panel" when I get to blog on Sunday.

Please participate in the utmost repentance, prayer and charity as Yom Kippur approaches, so that the Jewish people might remove the evil of any decree against us.

Shabbat Shalom.