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Monday, October 13, 2003

Warning Issued to British Jewish Community: Terror Attack 'Imminent'

via the British blog, JewishComment
LONDON, Oct. 13 (UPI) -- Scotland Yard has warned Britain's Jewish community it faces imminent terrorist attacks, the Jerusalem Post reported Monday.

U.S. State Department officials are considering issuing an official travel advisory to U.S. citizens visiting Britain, the report said.

The State Department said there have been no comparable threats against Jewish targets in the United States.

A Scotland Yard official said that while the terrorist threat level remains high in Britain, there is no intelligence on specific threats.

On Sunday, Newsweek reported some of the concern about terrorist threats to Britain's Jews appears related to suspicious Iranian activities.

It quoted security sources as saying police had questioned a group of Iranian "tourists" in recent weeks after they were spotted covertly taking video pictures of Jewish community buildings in London.

Swiss authorities traced a similar surveillance operation involving a Jewish target in Geneva about a year ago to an Iranian diplomatic mission, Newsweek said.

Earlier this year, Teheran claimed to have arrested significant al-Qaida suspects, but recent intelligence, Newsweek said, suggests the suspects were released and have returned to hideouts in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
VERY IMPORTANT CONTEXT: Please read JewishComment's Open Letter to British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook and their first-hand account of the Marks & Spencer demonstration, which includes this outrageous bit:
". . . the crowning glory was an elegantly-dressed businessman next to me who seemed normal except for the fury in his eyes. He said, ‘I love and revere the suicide bombers. Every time I hear of a suicide bomb going off I wish it had been eighty or ninety Jews instead of a pitiful handful.’ He then went on to shout at everyone around him every time someone tried to speak, and had reached a point of hysteria -- ‘You people have been trying to acquire land across the entire globe and will soon own every nation if you are not stopped!’ -- when, thankfully, a policewoman came over. I can think of some poeple who, had they been armed would be in prison tonight because his suggestion that not enough Jews are killed each time a bomb goes off ‘made one crazy’ as the saying goes, but I was pleased to see that the policewoman was making every effort to book him."