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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

AFP having a heyday vilifying U.S. and Israel

The AFP apparently had a caption they wanted to circulate, so they dug up this lame file photo to be its vehicle. Despicable.

The United States denied
being a menace to world peace
after Europeans ranked the US
and ISrael as the world's most
pernicious nations(AFP/File)

As if it's not enough to say that the US and Israel are considered threats to world peace, AFP has to elaborate, flexing their vocabulary: pernicious? Defined as "ruinous; highly hurtful . . . deadly; fatal . . . evil or wicked."

And do you think it's accidental that Israel is written "ISrael" ? Is that a typo or is someone trying to tell us something?

Go to the Source: Pg. 80 of the EUROBAROMETER Poll

The actual poll did not ask which were the most pernicious nations. The stated question was
"For each of the following countries, tell me if in your opinion, it presents or not a threat to peace in the world."
Palestine, frequently touted as an actual place and or entity, is not on the list, "because it's not a country." (Have your cake and eat it too.)

Israel RANKS No. 1 in the poll at 59% of those Europeans polled answering YES, it is a threat to world peace.

Iran, North Korea and the United States are tied at second place with 53%.

At the very bottom of the heap we find the European Union at 8%: "In the opinion of its citizens the EU poses little, if any threat to peace in the world."

There's more. Page 83: "In all Member States the majority of citizens believe that Israel presents a threat to peace in the world with 'yes' results as high as 74% in the Netherlands and 69% in Austria."

Italy is the only country were (sic) opinions are divided with 48% of respondents confirming that they perceive Israel as a threat to peace in the world and 46% of the opposite opinion.

AAAAAHHHH! Get this!
"The one socio-demographic characteristic that stands out is education: the more highly educated respondents are more likely to perceive Israel as a threat to world peace than those who ceased their studies at an earlier age."

Other bits, as I can bear it:

The French rate Israel and Iran as equal threats to peace at 55% each, followed by Pakistan at 53% and the United States a close third at 52%.

Only 44% of French respondents consider Syria or Saudi Arabia a threat to peace.

Israel's marks by country:
Netherlands 74%

Austria 69%

Luxemborg 66%

Germany 65%

Denmark 64%

Belgium 63%

Ireland 62%

Greece 61%

UK 60%

Finland 60%

----------------- 59% overall

Spain 56%

France 55%

Portugal 55%

Sweden 52%

Italy 48%
America's marks by country:
Greece 88%

Netherlands 64%

Austria 63%

Finland 63%

Spain 61%

Ireland 60%

Belgium 59%

UK 55%

Luxemborg 55%

Sweden 54%

Portugal 53% ----------------- 53% overall

France 52%

Denmark 52%

Germany 45%

Italy 43%
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