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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

AMCHA protests at Ohio State University

ensuring that there would not be silence in the face of hate
This past weekend Amcha joined community members and students from across the United States on the campus of Ohio State University to protest a vitriolic, anti-Semitic, pro-terror conference. The 3rd National Student Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement ran from Friday, November 7th until Sunday November 9th – and Amcha was there for every minute, ensuring that there would not be silence in the face of hate.

For those 3 days, Amcha held protest vigils outside the student union chanting, singing, holding signs, and waving American and Israeli flags. We demonstrated to those inside that the Jewish people will not be silenced, will not suffer the indignities of hate and violence without a strong response. For 6 hours on Friday, 11 hours on Saturday, and 11 hours on Sunday, Amcha ensured that demonstrators were stationed outside the conference.

Protesters endured such remarks as “Go back to Europe”; “Get back on the boat” and even “F*** off, Jew.” When asked about suicide bombings, several conference attendees answered “Go for It!” and “It is a legitimate form of resistance.” Yet the protesters never wavered.
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Overpowering the Hate — A First-Hand Account of the PSM Conference at Ohio State University, by Shmuel Herzfeld:
"When this conference was first held in California, Jews were literally beaten up on campus. Last year Jews were surrounded and threatened with their lives. Nevertheless, last year marked the start of Jewish students reclaiming the campuses. This year the voices of terror were nearly drowned out completely. Maybe next year, there won't even be a conference."
The Lantern: Palestinian conference draws support, protests

The Toledo Blade: Pro-Palestinian convention at OSU protested; Security tight as meeting opens
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