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Monday, November 03, 2003

AP photo captions heavy on editorializing

"Sat Nov 1, 1:37 PM ET - Palestinian men sit as the Jewish West Bank settlement of Psagot can be seen on a hilltop in the the background overlooking the Palestinian village of Rafat, adjacent to the West Bank town of Ramallah Thursday Oct. 23, 2003. As the Jewish and Palestinian populations become more entangled throughout the West Bank, separation into two states is becomingly increasingly difficult. Most Palestinians still hope for a separate Palestinian state, but some no longer feel any need to make such a compromise. They argue that the single-state idea gives them leverage, sending Israelis the message that if they do not pull out of the entire West Bank and Gaza soon, they could lose the whole country. (AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen)"


Who to talk to?

AP Director of "Staffing and Diversity" Keynote Speaker at 2003 APPM Conference:
"Everyone is diverse and each person is unique," Ms. Parker said.
Read more at the website of Associated Press Photo Managers, and see especially their APPM mission statement: "AAPM members will uphold the highest standards of journalism . . . "

WRITE TO APPM general mailbox at APPM@ap.org

And/or the following (NB: These may be last year's influentials; I don't know if the contact information has been updated since their October conference.)

Vin Alabiso, Board Member, Associated Press, 212-621-1990, valabiso@ap.org

James Dooley, Board member, Newsday, 631-843-2829, james.Dooley@newsday.com

Susan Gilbert, Board member, San Francisco Chronicle, 415-777-7855, Sgilbert@sfchronicle.com

Naomi Halperin, Board member, The Morning Call, 610-820-6744, Naomi.halperin@mcall.com

Teri Hayt, Board member, Arizona Daily Star, 520-573-4226, Thayt@azstarnet.com

Thom McGuire, Board member, Hartford Courant, 860-241-3948, Mcguire@courant.com

Larry Nylund, President, The Journal News, 914-694-5009, lnylund@thejournalnews.com

Tim Rasmussen, Secretary, Sun-Sentinel, 954-356-4784, trasmussen@sun-sentinel.com

Janet Reeves, Board Member, Denver Rocky Mountain News, 303 892-2761, reevesj@rockymountainnews.com

Chris Stanfield, Treasurer, Columbia Daily Tribune, 573-815-1774, cstanfield@tribmail.com

George Welty, Board member, Carroll City Times, 410-848-4400, grwelty@yahoo.com

Sherman Williams, Vice President, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 414-224-2685, shermanwilliams@onwis.com