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Thursday, November 27, 2003


A letter received by Arutz-7 this week:
I came back from Israel 2 weeks ago after not having visited in 7 years. I was shocked by the poverty all around me - the closed shops and restaurants in downtown Tel Aviv, the unemployment, the stories of hunger and hopelessness.

Living in the Diaspora, we all have the power to help. Every time you go to the supermarket, buy at least one Israeli product (they have pickles, cheeses, olives, sauces, soups, chocolates, cookies, candy, tehina, chumous, ready salads and dips, pretzels etc.).

There are 200,000 Jews in Canada. If everyone bought an Israeli product every 2 weeks, that would be around $200,000 making it to the desperate economy every few weeks just from Canada. If the idea caught on with American Jews, that could be $5.2 million every couple of weeks.

So, even if it you don't need it, if it is more expensive than a Canadian or American product, if it looks less appetizing than its North American counterpart, BUY IT . Help Israel. Tell all your friends. Jewish kids are going to school hungry. The economy is in shambles. Factories are closing. There are boycotts of Israeli products in Europe. You can make a difference. Buy blue and white. Tell all your friends. Pass on this email. Don't forget our brothers and sisters in Israel.