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Monday, November 17, 2003

A Danger to the Peace of the World

By Moshe Feiglin
Thousands of Europeans, in an unambiguous poll, have declared that Israel is the major danger to the peace of the world. They are right.

One can, of course, say cynically that if there were no Jews in Istanbul (or Eretz Israel) the Arabs would not have killed them, together with several Turks. In other words, the Jews (whom Israel represents) are the inevitable cause of international violence. If they did not exist the world would remain quiet and peaceful.

It is somewhat cynical to accuse the girl instead of the rapist, but only to a certain extent. In some cases the girl is really guilty. This is true in Israel's case. Let's consider the most outstanding and publicized case of violence in the last decade: the affair of the WTC. The twin towers collapsed on thousands of innocent Gentiles because of Islamic suicide bombers. But who invented the phenomenon of Arab suicide bombers? The Israelis, of course.

No, this isn't a joke. This crazy Islamic mutation did not exist anywhere in the world until the Israelis came up with their Oslo process. There had previously been cases of soldiers who committed suicide on the battlefield, or in situations where they had no alternative. However, a terrorist who blew himself up near the homes of innocent children who went to buy pizza could have triggered the bomb with a delay mechanism and escaped unharmed. Furthermore, these children were not fighting him nor did they put him with his back against a wall. This is a case of a death wish unprecedented in human history, the exact opposite of any human value. The fact cannot be ignored that it first appeared when the Jews decided to recognize the justification of the Arabs' claims and gave them what they wanted.

After the Six Day War the Jews in the world were full of pride. Anti-Semitism became marginal, and aliyah from prosperous countries increased tremendously. The Jews stood up for themselves and proved that they believed that they were in the right and were ready to fight for this, and that the Almighty was on their side.

The Oslo process was a trend in the opposite direction – the Jews admitted that their enemies were in the right.

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