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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

EBAY: Rachel Corrie Peacemaker Watch

"she died for what she believed in"
Description: On March 16, 2003, 23-year old Rachel Corrie, an American citizen and a Palestinian rights activist working with the International Solidarity Movement, stood in front of an Israeli bulldozer in the city of Rafah in Gaza. She was killed. If you agree with the many that do that she sacrificed herself trying to bring peace to the Occupied Territories you should be wearing this watch to honor her.

This is a very special watch...and one that many people will want for themselves or to give as a gift. Don't let it get away...bid and win it today for yourself or to give to someone who feels that Rachel did not die in vain.
As of this writing, there are no bids, with 6 days and 13 hours left on the auction. Someone with Photoshop skills might want to replace the photo on the face of the watch with this less posed portrait of Rachel "trying to bring peace":