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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

from the MEMRI News Ticker

Headlines from the Middle East
Chairman of the Palestinian Legilative Council, Rafiq Al-Natshe, told the Jordanian Islamic Weekly Al-Sabil that if diplomatic efforts to achieve independence fail, the Palestinian people have the right to resist the occupation by any means. (AL-SABIL, JORDAN, 11/12/03)

Lebanese President Emile Lahoud reaffirmed objection to the settlement of Palestinians in Lebanon. 'This objection,' he said, 'is at the head of the constitution and in the minds of the Lebanese.' (AL-SAFIR, LEBANON, 11/11/03)

AL-JAZEERA correspondent Sattar Karin admitted that his office in theMahmoudiya Babil province of Iraq has been used to coordinate attacks against coalition forces. Two Syrian nationals were also involved. (AL-SABAH, IRAQ, 11/9/03)