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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I still wait for the outrage

Banagor's most excellent blog is consistently a MUST READ, and the perfect attitudinal antidote to my last post (directly below).
And so what do we have? A leader of the Hizzbullah who openly swears for the killing of Jews on a daily basis from his own TV station of hate based in Lebanon. An Arafat calling for millions of dead Israelis so that a Palestinian flag can be hoisted over Jerusalem once and for all. A Syrian Minister of Defense whose bestseller book blames the Jews for killing non-Jews in ritualistic murders. The best selling books in the Middle East are the Czarist forgeries known as "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" and that other infamous book of love poems towards the Jewish people known as "Mein Kampf". In Egypt, a country supposedly at peace with Israel, we are treated with an epic series, shown in prime time, based on the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" which was later broadcast around the Arab world for hundreds of millions to see. We have in Jordan a law which still states that it is on pain of death that a Jew ever own land in that nation. Jews may never enter Saudi Arabia - even if there ever were to be a peace with Israel - because the Prophet Muhammed said that this was to be so. Iran's President threatens nuclear annihilation of Israel, a literal genocide, every six months or so. Bin Laden calls for the death of all Jews and Christians in the world. Bombs target not only Jews in Israel but around the world. Children watch shows in Arabic calling for the extermination of all Jews for the sake of some greater idol of a god named Allah who happens to legitimize human sacrifice. And then, to crown it all, the now former Prime Minister of Malaysia stands up before the entire world, surrounded by the entire Islamic world, and declares that Jews should be defeated; Jews are evil; Jews are hated; Jews must lose. And then, without any encouragement whatsoever, that entire Muslim world - every single leader there, all their aides and lackeys and cronies - stand up together in solidarity and understanding and give him a standing ovation.

Hitler himself could not have made a more direct statement and choreographed that response.

Read it all
I am a Jew and I am waiting. Is that too long for a mantra?