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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Iraqi infant in ISRAEL for heart surgery

JERUSALEM (AFP) - A week-old Iraqi girl underwent heart surgery at a hospital near Tel Aviv, in an unprecedented display of solidarity between one-time enemy countries.

Bayan Jassem was born in a hospital in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk with a cardiac abnormality that could not be treated in the war-torn country and was checked into the Wolfson Medical Centre south of Tel Aviv on Tuesday.

The Israeli humanitarian group which organised the new-born's trip from Iraq to Israel -- Save a Child's Heart -- said Bayan's case was discovered by a US doctor two days after her birth.

She underwent a minor operation to stabilise her condition in Baghdad and was flown to Amman, where the Israeli representation granted her a visa for Israel.

The whole operation was sponsored by Save a Child's Heart, whose executive director Simon Fischer has provided treatment to hundreds of children since it was founded in 1995, including scores of Palestinians and Jordanians.
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