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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Israel: Suicide bombing of synagogue thwarted

Would-be bomber arrested
Jpost: Police and the Shin Bet recently arrested Muhammed
Tushiya,19, from Kfar Yassin in the West Bank.

Tushiya, an Islamic Jihad terrorist, was planning a terrorist attack in Afula but changed his target to a synagogue at the nearby settlement of Shaked in the northern West Bank.

He told interrogators that the heavy police presence around Afula prevented him from carrying out an attack there.

The terrorist was riding a dune buggy heading for Afula, loaded with 10kg of explosives when he spotted a heavy Israeli security presence.

Tushiya told the Shin Bet after his capture that he changed his mind and decided to attack the synagogue in Shaked.

Security forces were also present at Shaked, so the terrorist decided to delay his attack. But by then, the Shin Bet had received intelligence regarding Tushiya, and arrested the would-be suicide bomber shortly after.
The "occupation" saves lives. and synagogues.