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Saturday, November 01, 2003

Israeli Left Wing To Target Arutz-7 Online?

"Real goal" the total silencing of the nationalist and traditionalist camp in Israel
MK Gal'on has asked Attorney-General Elyakim Rubenstein to open a criminal investigation into the operators of Arutz-7's internet site on suspicion of "incitement to murder and racism."

Gal'on honed in on a sentence in an op-ed on Arutz-7's Hebrew site, written by Gil Ronen, a resident of pre-1967 Israel, near Hadera. Gal'on says that his article is a call to "murder hundreds of thousands of Palestinians." Though Arutz-7 does not endorse the opinions it publishes in its op-ed section, it should be noted that the sentence in question was taken out of context, and does not incite to murder. In fact, Ronen writes in the article, "no one will have to take the law into his own hands."

The article's basic assumption is that as there is no chance for reaching peace with the Arabs of Yesha, there is therefore no alternative but to "remove this 'nation' from our midst." Ronen wrote that he does not support transfer, as "the Palestinians are not European Jews, and we are not Germans." Instead, he suggests a "gradual deterioration" in which the war against terrorists expands, including more targeted killings, more house demolitions, and more air raids.

"No one will have to take the law into his own hands," Ronen writes. "It's enough that officers and soldiers interpret their instructions as broadly as possible and employ maximum force." The sentence quoted by MK Gal'on reads, "The only ones who will die will be Palestinians, and whoever doesn't want to die, will be forced to run away."

As is well-known, Ronen is not the first one to have called for a "stronger arm" against the Arabs of Yesha since the onset of the Oslo War over three years ago. Following a wave of Palestinian terrorism in Dec. 2001, for instance, MK Eliezer Cohen (Yisrael Beiteinu) said, "This is war, not just terrorism, and we must fight back accordingly. They are fighting us with all of their resources and weaponry, and we must do the same. Our army knows exactly what to do, and it is time to do it."

Baruch Gordon, manager of Arutz-7's internet department, responded today, "According to the warped definition of democracy professed by the extreme left, nationalist-camp opinions are simply wrong and therefore illegitimate... What MK Gal'on is doing is proof that the left-wing's actions to shut down Arutz-7 Radio because of minor legal technicalities are merely stepping-stones along its ruthless path towards its real goal: the total silencing of the nationalist and traditional camp in Israel."

Please consider signing Arutz-7's own petition to renew their broadcasts, calling on the government to pass a law which would establish true pluralism on Israel's airwaves. The petition has been worded in such a way that "even Arutz Sheva┬┤s political adversaries can enthusiastically add their names":
We the undersigned view Arutz Sheva Israel Radio an important voice which has proven its popularity and appeal to a large segment of the Israeli population. The recent legal proceedings which silenced this mouthpiece of the "national camp" constitute a threat to the very democratic values that the judicial system purports to uphold. In order to protect Israeli democracy, we call upon the government to expedite the passing of legislation which will enable Arutz Sheva and other private groups/entrepreneurs to operate licensed national radio stations.