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Monday, November 10, 2003

Israelis respect the settlers, but . . .

from the Voice of Judea
According to a Haaretz poll published last Friday, 83 percent of Israelis claim to see no difference between terrorist attacks inside the Green-Line or in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

42 percent hold the "settlers" in high regard and compare them to the early pioneers who founded the State. This high regard and respect for the "settlers" does not reflect in the willingness of the majority to surrender "settlements" and in the position of the majority against guarding outposts, considered illegal by the government and the U.S.A.

57 percent support surrendering "settlements" for peace.

51 percent oppose guarding "illegal outposts".

Voice of Judea Commentary: The Time Has Come
The terminology of the poll is misleading. When Israelis are asked if they should surrender land because of Arab terrorism they answer that "Israel should not cave in to terror". However, when the same people are asked if Israel should surrender land for peace, they support the land surrender. As if surrendering land could ever achieve peace.

The fact that so many Israeli's oppose guarding some of the "settlements" is a very scary reality. There can be no lines of distinction drawn between the defense of one Jew over another Jew, regardless of his/her place of residence, the color of their skin or their ideology. A Jew, is a Jew, is a Jew! We are all brothers and sisters and we all share in the burden of responsibility to save a fellow Jew, physically and or spiritually. It would be equally obscene for a "settler" to refuse to protect a pork-eating Kibbutz or a wild Tel Aviv disco.

The time has come for the creation of an international Jewish defense unit that does not differentiate between the geographic origins of the Jew in need. The time has come for a Jewish Army that is above politics. The time has come for Jews to behave like Jews and to think like Jews. If a Jew is able to justify surrendering Jewish land or abandoning Jews in need, than there is something seriously wrong with their Judaism.