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Saturday, November 01, 2003

JPOST: Over 100,000 show up for Rabin ceremony

At the ceremony Saturday night, Labor Party Chairman Shimon Peres blamed the extreme right for once again promoting incitement and irresponsibile declarations.

Peres said at the ceremony that Rabin had led Israel on a "long and correct path." Yitzhak was right. His way was right. The inciters against him were wrong. His murderers - criminals." Peres vowed to continue on Rabin's path. "Even on the right, they are starting to understand that it is better to have two nations who can hope to live in peace, rather than one nation in a constant struggle with it's neighbors," Peres said, using the memorial event as a platform to sharply criticize the Sharon government.

Touting the slogan he used at a Knesset speech two weeks ago, Peres declared: "There is someone to talk to, there is something to talk about," referring to the Palestinian Authority under Abu Ala (Ahmed Qurei).

AFP headline: Israeli peace camp commemorates Rabin, buoyed by Geneva initiative
"I am sure Rabin would have supported Geneva, because it's a logical continuation of the Oslo accords," said Israel Dresner, a rabbi from New Jersey visiting Israel. Ain't that the truth?

Voice of Judea: Attendance figures grossly inflated according to police
In spite of Rabin Memorial organizers claim that 150,000 people attended Saturday nights Tel Aviv event, police say organizers grossly inflated figures and that 40,000 people showed.
Peres said that the right has now adopted Rabins platform, Those that condemned Rabin now support his way. Even the right now supports the formation of a Palestinian state.

Likud and Labor leaders attacked the person/people behind the anti-Rabin graffitti that was sprayed on the Rabin memorial in Tel Aviv and that is turning up across the country over the past 48 hours

Voice of Judea Commentary: Police say they had 1500 officers there. And thousands of Arabs participated. This was the best publicized event of the year that advertised special speakers and performers. Every left-wing political party brought every staff member and Knesset member and invested huge resources to bring people to the event that they tried to turn into an anti-government festival. How many ordinary Jews attended this fiasco?