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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Kol hakavod, Yaakov Har-Oz

Haaretz publisher demonstrates "breathtaking arrogance"
Letter to the editor, Washington Post 11/12/03
The publisher of Haaretz, Yoel Esteron, demonstrated breathtaking arrogance by dismissing the Ariel Sharon government as "represent[ing] the Israel of the settlers" [op-ed, Nov. 3].

About 3.5 percent of Israelis live in settlements over the Green Line. In contrast, in the most recent Knesset elections, parties of the right (including religious parties) received 57.5 percent of the vote, a secular centrist party that is now part of the Sharon government received 15 percent and parties of the left (including Arab parties) received 27.5 percent.

The Sharon government does not represent the Israel of the settlers -- it represents the Israeli mainstream. It represents those of us who are willing to compromise for a real peace, but who are unwilling to surrender for an ephemeral one.

Beit Shemesh, Israel