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Monday, November 03, 2003

Moshe Feiglin: The Left is a Mental Illness

with little chance of recovery
A hundred thousand people filled Rabin Square to overflowing yesterday to mark the
New Year of the Peace Camp.

I was considerably surprised. Logically, the more Rabin's path becomes revealed as a
bloody fiasco, and as more and more Israelis lose their lives, livings, security, hopes,
and happiness as a result of the cursed Oslo Agreement, the number of oddballs coming
to commemorate and identify with the man who symbolizes it more than anyone else
should decrease.

But the contrary happened. And even if we say that they came to hear Aviv Gefen, or
that they were bored youngsters, or that once again they made use of worn-out
provocations - swastikas on the memorial (no Kahanist would draw a swastika), or a
strange act of spitting at the memorial precisely when there was no guard around and
precisely when an amateur photographer was passing - no explanation can be given for
the phenomenon.

It seems that a kind of mental illness sometimes attacks whole populations. Stalin
murdered 18 million of his own countrymen, and they bitterly mourned when the Sun of
the Nations was extinguished. Was this only because they did not know? After all, 18
million people don't simply vanish. They knew, but they had been trained to reach a
conclusion contrary to reality. I have been invited several times to participate in
confrontations in educational institutions of the most extremist Left. I was always
amazed by the uniform thinking and the capability of training consciousness. I spoke
there to robots. I always won the battle but lost the war. I won because the facts were on
my side, and I left the other participants incapable of providing an answer. But I lost
strategically, because they came to the conclusion that I was a dangerous person. How
can such a person be right? He must have employed some kind of trick.

It was then only a short step to a local campaign of demonization. I even remember one
internal campaign of slander in the Green Page (the newspaper of the National Kibbutz
Movement) in which the principal of a high school who invited me was attacked. The
principal subsequently apologized for not knowing whom he was dealing with.

Obviously members of the youth movements and educational institutions of the Left
undergo this brain washing in a very intensive form, but the average citizens of the
country do not differ from them to any marked extent. The media in Israel are very
effective. It is sufficient to recall that Channel 2 broadcast in its entirety the birthday
party of the architect of the bloody agreement, Shimon Peres. Man is a social creature
who cannot rebel all the time. If parades are made for Stalin, birthday parties for
Peres, anniversaries for Rabin, this means that the victims died for a different reason:
perhaps because of the religious people, or the Kahanists, or Netanyahu, or perhaps
they just died and it's advisable not to think too much.

It apparently makes no difference what the reality in Israel indicates. They are trained
to think in a specific way, and no facts facing the tens of thousands in the square will
change their minds. Without doubt, Yigal Amir (whether or not he actually murdered
Rabin) gave the Left the dearest gift of all - a focus and purpose for their entire
existence, a myth to unite around, and annual tribal bonfire to control themselves

I've stopped trying to convince the Left. The Left is not an ideology but a mental
illness. Those who are actually infected by it (and they are few in number) have little
chance of recovery. It is reasonable to assume that if the total destruction of Germany
and Japan had not been accompanied by Allied occupation, there would still be
admirers in Germany and Japan of Hitler and Hirohito. That's how it is in societies
managed in accordance with totalitarian codes. That's how it is in the Left in general,
and in the Israeli Left in particular.

There's no point in trying to persuade them. We have to defeat them, and only those
who present an alternative to their path are capable of doing so.

Moshe Feiglin
Manhigut Yehudit
Note: A Conference of the Manhigut Yehudit Movement will take place Tuesday, Rosh Hodesh Kislev (11/25/03) at 18:30 in Binyanei Ha'uma, in Yerushalayim.

Feiglin will speak on "The Jewish Political Way Out of the Tragedy of Oslo, the Road Map and Geneva."
There is an alternative

to terrorism
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