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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Reuters romanticizes Arab "martyrs" killed in Iraq

"Syria Palestinian" Lifestyle
This one Reuters article is so fraught with crap that I can't even begin to dissect it. Note that it's found under the heading, "Lifestyle" -- sub-heading, "Community."
He was a casualty of the Palestinian cause, but he died on a battlefield in Iraq. Thirty-year-old Muhammad -- memorialized at his father's house in a photo holding a rifle -- was one of many Palestinian refugees in Syria who believed their struggle for their land extended to Iraq.

. . . No one can say how many left and came back, how many died fighting there, or how many are still unaccounted for. But if they are unsure about the figures, there is no doubt in their minds about the motivation of men like Muhammad -- killed in Basra during the war -- and what he hoped to achieve by taking up arms there. "I am the father of the martyr Muhammad from Palestine," said Mahmoud Saleh Hadrous, choking back tears.
Oh, blech. Tell it to editor@reuters.com