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Monday, November 17, 2003

Roger L. Simon's "Sleeping with the Enemy"

Yesterday I went somewhere that if you told me I would be five years ago, I would have stared back at you as if you had just called me the most vicious name (that is if I didn’t think you were joking). I attended a panel at the Bonaventure Hotel in downtown L. A. given by the Jewish Policy Center—one of the intellectual homes of the neocon movement. Although I am Jewish, I think some will understand when I say I felt as if I were entering the synagogue of an entirely different religion. But apparently I was far from the only still registered Democrat on hand. Judging by the tenor of the questions from the remarkably large audience (several hundred) for such a serious discussion, the Democratic Party has got a real problem with one of its most reliable and important constituencies—the Jews.
Read the rest of Simon's commentary, and consult his blog on a regular basis. I don't think he means to be, but I find him so terribly reassuring.