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Monday, November 24, 2003


by Yori Yanover
Thank God for Shabbat. Because our TV was off until after dark, we were spared the early news from Istanbul (or "Istanboom" as one Israeli forum entry suggested). As we're attempting here to capture trends in, rather than really pretend to scoop the news, we find the following item from DEBKAfile to be quite instructive:

"Last month, the European Union turned down a Turkish request to list the Great Eastern Islamic Raiders Front – IBDA-C – as a terrorist organization. This is the group that claimed the Istanbul synagogue bombings. The EU rejected Ankara’s request on the grounds of 'human rights.'”

But then came Assistant US secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs William Burns, and straightened out the picture for our benefit. It turns out, according to Burns, that the reason for all this murder and bombing and shooting and floating dead bodies and cut up children, the reason for all of that ! are Jews who insist on living where they're not wanted.

No, Burns wasn't making the direct link between Istanbul and Hebron. But he stopped just short of that. Think, if not for the Zionist crimes, why would good Muslims in their right minds be blowing up synagogues in Turkey?

Now, you could have opened any anti-Semitic publication at any time starting in the 18th century, and found the very same views. It gets a bit curly when it's a high level official of our US government who says it, point blank.

You see, a hateful idea which is repeated ceaselessly, by men and women in nice suits, becomes legitimate. We can't stop them from repeating the stuff, naturally. They're the folks with the suits. But we must keep in mind that this kind of talk does not lead to an understanding and peace. It leads to our standing naked in line for the showers. God in Heaven, it happened only 60 years ago. We have cats with a longer memory!

Yori Yanover,
Editor, www.usajewish.com