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Sunday, November 16, 2003

Shavua Tov

Palestinian militants demonstrate on the anniversary of Palestinian independence [?]
in the Gaza Strip town of Khan Younis 15 November 2003.(AFP/Said Khatib)
"Why is he called Ishmael? Because in the future G-d will listen to the cry of the nation for what the children of Ishmael will do in the future, at the end of days… as it says (Psalms 55:20) 'G-d will listen and answer.' " - Midrash Pirkei d'Rabbi Eliezer ch. 32. Yalkut Mechiri Psalms 177 yiddishkeit.org

Haaretz.com News Flashes
19:37 Thousands of people demonstrating in Jerusalem for release of Jonathan Pollard

19:09 Sari Nusseibeh, Uri Avneri given Lev Kopelev Prize for Peace and Human Rights

19:02 Indian PM Vajpayee calls for ending cycle of violence in Mideast

18:58 Arafat to Katsav: This violence contradicts our beliefs, hurts both nations

18:21 Arabiya TV airs purported audio tape of Saddam Hussein marking Ramadan

18:18 Histadrut officials meeting to decide whether to up sanctions

18:04 France to hold urgent top-level meeting Monday on fighting anti-Semitism

17:32 Turkey frees 4 people held over Istanbul bombings

17:13 Qureia aide: Militant groups giving `positive indications` on truce

17:12 Sharon says will not intervene in appointment of new attorney general

17:09 Beilin aide: Hebrew-speaking homes to get Geneva Accord by week`s end

16:31 Shalom: I am convinced Istanbul Muslim leaders feel common destiny with the Jews

16:00 Shalom: Terrorism targets people everywhere, must be fought

15:52 Hamas: Truce would depend on end to Israeli aggression

15:06 Report: Israel warned Ankara twice of possible terror attacks

14:58 Sources: Probe shows suicide bombers behind Istanbul bombings

14:40 French UN employee killed in Afghanistan

14:36 Report: Turkey synagogue bombs each weighed 400kg

14:14 Pope condemns terrorism, criticizes W. Bank fence

13:45 Lebanon: Hezbollah fires on IAF jets over south Lebanon

13:19 PM: We have removed 43 illegal outposts

13:14 Ethiopian immigrants demand airlift for Jews still in Ethiopia

12:34 PM: Gov`t to discuss future of illegal outposts

12:29 Death toll in Queen Mary 2 shipyard accident rises to 15

12:27 Palestinian Prime Minister Qureia says formal truce talks with militant groups could begin in coming days

12:08 Government approves appointment of Prof. Avi Yisraeli as director-general of Health Ministry

12:01 Another 3 bodies pulled out of Istanbul rubble, bringing official tally to 23; 70 people still hospitalized

11:43 PA sources: Man held by IDF for running Gaza arms tunnels is Rafah clothes merchant with no known militant links

11:11 Iran condemns Istanbul bombings, says violence against civilians is unacceptable and illogical

11:09 Israel consul-general to Turkey: Community recently received non-specific warning, upped guard around synagogues

10:59 Body of man found Saturday near Yarkon cemetery identified as 84-year-old resident of Tel Aviv, missing since last week

10:32 Turkish television station NTV says two of the three suspects arrested were women

10:31 Sharon to cabinet: The government has full confidence in the Turkish authorities to catch those behind attacks

10:15 Sharon to Newsweek: U.S. can reduce loan guarantees by amount it says Israel has spent beyond the Green Line

10:08 Palestinian PM Ahmed Qureia condemns Istanbul blasts, expresses sorrow for attack on Jewish community

10:06 Tel Aviv District Court sentences man who stabbed his ex-wife to death last July to life imprisonment

09:46 Shalom says he will travel from Istanbul to Brussels, Vienna to meet EU officials to discuss growing anti-Semitism

09:40 Shalom: Ties between Turkey and Israel are not only stable, but also very deep

09:34 Shalom: Terror hits any country where they think they have more developed values, values closer to democracy

09:28 Silvan Shalom in Turkey: Attack proves that terror is at work everywhere

09:16 Saudi newspaper: U.S. warned Turkey that group of Islamic militants had crossed into Turkey from Iran or Iraq

08:36 France launches investigation into arson attack on Paris Jewish school

08:35 Saudi paper: U.S. warned Turkey 2 months ago that terrorist may strike Israeli, American targets

08:35 Istanbul police spokesman says probe into bombing continuing, refuses to comment on reports of arrests

08:10 Zaka rescue workers collect body parts at scene of Istanbul blasts; Jewish victims to be buried Tuesday