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Saturday, November 15, 2003


A Voice from Hebron by Gary M. Cooperberg
Today is the thirteenth anniversary of the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane of blessed memory. It is difficult to believe how long ago he was taken from us. I am almost exactly the same age he was when he was murdered.

It is amazing to see how almost everyone, although most will refuse to admit it, have finally come to the same conclusion that the rabbi worked so hard to show us. It is impossible to live in peace with our Arab "neighbors". The only differences which still remain is how to find a solution to the problem we all recognize. Some think we should build a wall between us and the PLO. Yet this fails to consider the reality that Israeli Arabs also identify with our enemies. There are those who insist that we must withdraw Jewish presence from parts of our homeland and permit the PLO to take complete control of these areas and even creat! e a new state on Jewish soil. Yet this fails to recognize the "peaceful" rewards we have already reaped from giving them autonomy on Jewish soil.

But what is most difficult to understand is the so called "right wing" solution of insisting that Jordan is palestine and that our enemies in Israel should be given Jordanian citizenship and permitted to continue living in Israel under autonomy! First of all Jordan is stolen Jewish land which will eventually be returned to us. Secondly, no matter what you call the Arabs living in Israel, they are still our enemies and dedicated to our destruction.

Rather than standing on our heads trying to find a solution by which we can make our enemies happy and continue to live as a Jewish State we must try to be honest with ourselves. The Arabs of Israel are not yearning to be equal citizens in a Jewish State. They do not even want a second state which will be theirs. All they want is to replace the Jewish state with a Moslem one. If we! agree to that we can have instant peace (as long as we follow Moslem rules). And there may even be less terror. Actually I am somewhat surprised that no one suggested that we have the Knesset pass a law that we turn the Jewish State into a Moslem one for peace. Could it be that even the most virulent leftist still has a tiny spark of self-respect deep under the crust of self hatred?

Rabbi Kahane was ridiculed and defamed by his own people. The hate campaign waged against him by the Israeli political system actually created the major obstacle preventing Israel from defending itself against our enemies. It has become an axiom in the Jewish state that to even declare the Arabs in Israel as our enemies is an act of bigotry! How can one defend against a foe when we are required to define him as a peace partner? Rather than use Jewish ingenuity to find a way to expeditiously rid ourselves of our enemies from within, we busy ourselves with the futile effort to find a way to keep the! m happy by trying to find an alternative to our complete self destruction.

While it is understandable that people of little faith see no hope in our ability to defend ourselves against impossible odds, that still cannot explain what makes them think that anything less then our complete self destruction will satisfy the desires of our enemies. Even using their logic there can only be two solutions. Either we fight to the death for what is ours, or we just give up and leave. For, in the end, that is what will happen anyway. What can be more demeaning than negotiating with those who only want to destroy us?

We should learn from our enemies. G-d sent them to us as a last resort to get us to begin to act as self-respecting Jews. Arabs conduct their governmental actions in the name of their god, and are not ashamed to do so. They are not afraid of declaring that land for peace only works if Jews give up land. It is unthinkable that any Moslem would willingly part with one g! rain of holy Moslem soil. When have they done so in any peace negotiation with Israel? And, what we refuse to consider, is the patently obvious fact that the Arabs already possess nearly all the land in the Middle East while the Jewish state only possesses about twenty-five percent of the tiny parcel that actually belongs to us!

To be a winner one must think like a winner. Israel has never done so. It is nothing short of a miracle that a country with a loser mentality can win a war. Every war we fought was begun by our enemies who intended to destroy us. We only fought because we had no other option. As soon as we began to win, the war was stopped and we refused to accept victory!

Why should the Arabs be afraid to attack Israel? If they win they will destroy us. If they lose we will apologize and give them more in "peace" than they could have gained in war! Why can we not see that all of our so called efforts to make peace only push peace further away?

It was not hatred of Arabs that was the foundation of Rabbi Kahane's call to expel our enemies from our homeland. It was simply the only solution that would save Jewish lives from Arab terror. The leftists had their chance. Gaza and Jericho first was supposed to have been a test. The test failed miserably. In spite of this Oslo continued and more land and more guns were given to our enemies who continued to use them to attack and murder Jews. In spite of this Prime Minister Barak offered Arafat nearly all of Judea Samaria and Gaza for peace. . . and he was refused! Terror continues, and, rather than finally recognize that negotiations don't work, we now have an alleged right wing government which declares its desire to create a PLO state on Jewish soil and to continue negotiating with our murderers!

Abie Nathan had a pithy saying, "All we are saying is give peace a chance." Okay. We gave peace a chance. We gave it many "chances". Not only did all of those chances fail, they brought mu! rder and mayhem in their wake. Now the time has come to try another way. Let us, at long last, give war a chance. And a real chance, by finishing the war completely rather than snatching defeat from the jaws of victory as we have consistently done in the past.

Rabbi Kahane never advocated war. He had a brilliant and workable plan to encourage our enemies to leave which would have worked had he not been undermined by the government of the state he so much wanted to protect. Today it is too late to find a relatively peaceful solution. When Arab children have already been so indoctrinated as to willingly become human bombs in the war against the Jewish state we no longer have the luxury of an easy way out. There is only one choice today. We must forcibly remove our enemies before they destroy us one at a time.

Let us, at long last, recognize the fact which Rabbi Kahane lived and gave his life to get us to see. In order to preserve the Jewish State and save Jewish lives we! have no choice other than to remove our enemies from our midst.
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