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Sunday, November 09, 2003

Update from the hate-fest

Idiotarians on the run at OSU - via LittleGreenFootballs
It's so amazing not to have to depend on the news media, but rather to be able to hear from eye witnesses through the blogosphere. I post the entire comment:
Another great day in Columbus for protesting hate and terror.

There were two main protest rallies today.

The first started a noon, and was attended by at least 150 and possibly 250 people. Busloads from Cleveland along with participants from Wisconson, Maine, New York, Michigan and Ohio we’re on hand to hear Rabbi Avi Weiss, Scott Chait, Rabbi Haic and Rabbi Levin (and others) speak out against the terror in Israel and Iraq. It was a strong showing of support from all over, except sadly from Columbus where the Rabbis encouraged people not to attend! I was very disappointed in this, as I felt that their reason for not attending: that it might draw attention to the rally, was completely wrong. I feel that we ALL need to stand up and denounce what is clearly wrong, and the more publicity that gets the better.

There was an amazing number and variety of protest signs, and everyone obviously went to a great deal of effort to produce them. Some very touching, some slick, some big, some made by children with crayons, but they all had the same anti-hate message.

This first rally lasted for over two hours and by three o’clock most of the crowd had left. Being rather cold and windy I was tempted to call it a day, but instead went across the street for a gyro and a beer, and then decided to stay until the direct opposition rally scheduled for 6:00 at the close of the conference. I was glad I did.

Once again, I had the opportunity to talk to a bunch of great people and argue with a few, and I mean very few, of the people who came out of the conference between talks.

The highlight of the between rally debates had to have been when a well pressed lefty came out to argue with us. After 20 minutes of shouting “You don’t understand, you don’t understand !” and “Let me finish. Stop interrupting me” most definitely deflated her ego, the cops finally came over and told her she had to go to the designated opposition area across the entryway steps or stop getting in our faces. Well she made a point of going and standing behind the barriers, which was o so laughable since as near as I can tell she was the ONLY person to ever do so. Most participants snuck out to the front steps for smokes and tried to ignore our calls for them to denounce suicide bombings. Twice more she came out to argue her side. And guess what we found out? She was a reporter with NPR!

After that, we started repeatedly shouting for her to tell us her name, and she said she wouldn’t. You know, cuz journalists from NPR need to be anonymous to remain impartial. If there’s anyone out there that hears her report from the conference, make sure to listen for her name, I’d really like to eMail her, as twice I asked her to denounce suicide bombings and she wouldn’t!

As the sun started to go down, a chill filled the air and the wind picked up, but more and more people started drifting back to the protest area. The speakers started back up, and a couple of the local TV affiliates showed up for footage and interviews. Then we heard a rumor that the solidarity march had been moved and it was to be a “silent” protest.

Sure enough a second area was cordoned off two streets over past a parking garage and another building. So we gathered up our sings and headed in that direction. A few people were there, holding small “Bring our troops home” signs. Then the solidarity marchers appeared and made their way marching slowly towards the main entrance of Ohio State at High Street. When they got there they found that indeed there we’re as many of us as them probably 50 or so, and proceed to line up and turn their backs to us. 15 minutes of some serious taunting to “denounce suicide bombers” or “raise your hand if you think killing babies is wrong” fell on deaf ears. Suddenly they let off in a loud chorus of “Tear down the wall, Tear down the wall” only to be overwhelmed by our chants of “Not one inch, Not one inch.” They turned then and march away as we sang both the Israeli and American national anthems.

A great day and an even better evening.
There is another, earlier report from OSU here.

Also very much worth noting at LGF
. . . is this new warning from Al Qaeda:
"To all coasts cells 50, 55, 55, the water, the water, the water
The goal open, they rely on Allah

2. Tomorrow O Bush is your date ..

A final warning to all of the Muslims in three sites inside the United States - Washington - New York - Los Angeles...

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