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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Voice of Judea Commentary

Bush position on Israel in today's speech
US President George Bush has called upon Israel to cease all construction in Yesha (Judea, Samaria & Gaza) communities, dismantle illegal outposts and to stop degrading the 'Palestinian people.'
Cute George. On the same day that America is dropping tons of bombs on Iraq, showing ultimate sensitivity, he calls upon Israel to conduct more acts of love and kindness to the poor "Palestinians". A day after a "Palestinian" terrorist snuck up to a Israeli checkpoint, brutally murdering 2 Israeli soldiers, President Bush urges Israel to permit non-degrading freedom of movement for Arabs at Israeli checkpoints. Perhaps Bush is unaware of the fact that thousands of Arab terrorists seek to pass through roadblocks with bombs and guns to murder Jews. The roadblocks and checkpoints are there so that Israel could detect the bombs and the guns before they are smuggled into major Israeli cities.

If Israel expels the hostile Arab population they will not need to "degrade" the Arabs at checkpoints.
Makes sense to me.

French rabbi's call: Jewboy, take off that Kipah
French Jewish children should wear regular hats, instead of yarmulkes, to avoid anti-Semites, France's chief rabbi said. On Tuesday, Joseph Sitruk told Radio Shalom, a Jewish community radio station, that he didn't want young people "isolated in the metro or on suburban trains to risk becoming a target for aggressors any more than I want our young Jews to respond and become the aggressors themselves." Sitruk's comments followed a new outbreak of anti-Semitic incidents in France. JTA
Rabbi Joseph Sitruk appears to have been stricken with the same disease that has plagued Jewish leaders in the exile from time immemorial. Rabbi Sitruk equates anti semitic attacks against Jews with logical Jewish self defense. Is it any surprise that French Jew haters equate I.D.F. defense operations with Islamic terrorism? Once again the Jewish leadership; the blind leading the blind calls upon Jews to run away lest they provoke Jew haters.

Rabbi Sitruk's call for appeasement is reminiscent of Golda Meir's ingenious remark that she can forgive the Egyptians for killing our soldiers but she can never forgive them for turning our soldiers into killers.

If the good Rabbi is so concerned about Jewish Kipah donning kids being beaten for looking too Jewish, then perhaps he should begin to organize Z.E.E.R.O.F. Zionist Emergency Evacuation Relief Organization of France.

Juife it is time to come home to Eretz Yisrael!
Rabbi Sitruk should have called on ALL Jews to wear their kippot in public, until such time as they make aliyah, and should have asked the non-Jews of France to wear them as well, in a show of solidarity. The pope wears one; why not his flock?