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Wednesday, November 05, 2003


Accidentally fell into pool of antisemitism
I saw a small news item at Jewsweek about a Jewish man being convicted in Paris for inciting racial hatred against (other) Jews, whom he had branded "anti-Israeli" on his website. It wasn't much information, so I googled the man's name to see if I could find out more.

Got only one hit, This Week's Jewish News, and man, oh man, is it yuck. Calls the ADL the "grandaddy of Totalitarian Thought Control" and exhorts Jews to "Stop reckless Judeocentric insanity."

Funny how a Jew in Paris can be convicted for racial hatred for calling other Jews "anti-Israel" and this guy, whoever he is, has free rein (reign?). I won't link to the site, but if you want to find it, just google Alexander Attali in quote marks. You'll be sad you did.