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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Who's Being Realistic?

ISRAPUNDIT's Ted Belman has an article at Arutz Sheva, excerpted here:

The Left say they are only being realistic in agreeing to the ‘48 lines. Nothing else they say will get the agreement from the Arabs and it is necessary to avoid the demographic time bomb. That is probably so, but they are not being realistic in thinking it will bring peace or security for Israel.

The Right, on the other hand, say they are being realistic in arguing that peace and security are not achievable for generations and that the best policy is not to make any concessions until then.

The ultra-Right is being even more realistic in saying that the only way to bring peace and security to Israel for generations is to remove the Arabs from the territories, because there is not enough room for two states between the Jordan and the Mediterranean, to make certain that Israel remain a Jewish State, and not a state like any other, and to promote Arab emigration and resist Arab immigration.
Read it all, and click on his byline or at top right, to read more of his work: "The Cart Before the Horse" and "The Handwriting on the Wall." NOW the Israelis will know about the pro-Israel blogosphere!

Well done (and well-written), Ted. Kol hakavod.