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Monday, November 03, 2003

Yours in haste,

I've become an instant Banagor fan.

I would post his latest in full, except then you wouldn't have to go to his site. There, you have two links. No excuses.

Bin Laden's Bidding
There are so many misconceptions surrounding the War on Terror today. Indeed, so many of these misconceptions are taken at face value when regurgitated by the press and those who speak to them in this politically correct age that it is oft necessary to remind people of not only the truth, but also of the logical fallacies and lack of historical perspective which plague our civilization.

Take, for instance, the Leftist's approach of not hitting back because "it is what the terrorists want."

We hear it all the time. We hear it as an excuse not to rebuild Iraq, not to track down Al Qaeda members, not to have gone to war with Saddam, and not to have overthrown the Taliban in Afghanistan. We hear that the terrorists want us breaking our civil rights and undermining the Constitution. We hear so much about what the terrorists want, in fact, that we lose sight of the fact that most people really don't know what the terrorists want and are only told what the terrorists want by many (like CAIR) who want the terrorists to actually win.

The last point is an important point to remember: they want to win.

That is what the terrorists want. All the rest is absolutely inconsequential when we come right down to the main goal. The terrorists want victory.

Now, there are so many who argue that doing nothing will somehow flummox the terrorists. Perhaps they are true pacifists, or perhaps some have an agenda. The result of inaction, whatever the reason, is still the road to ruin.

Terrorists want to win. Bin Laden didn't actually want us to kick him out of Afghanistan. Bin Laden never wanted us to overthrow the Taliban. Bin Laden, though he absolutely hated Saddam's ideology, never wished for the heart of Islam - Baghdad - to be overtaken by our forces and slowly rebuilt into a democracy under our flag. The last thing Bin Laden wants to see is what has happened so far.

What Bin Laden wants is the Caliphate to return. It isn't that hard to understand. What it requires, however, is very hard to accomplish. For the Caliphate to return and meet his particular perverse vision of it, would require our defeat and their victory. There is no middle ground; a Caliphate to rule a thousand years from pompous ignoramus under the guise of an ancient culture and tradition.

We've experienced that particular vision before.

It is, therefore, with great alarm that I see people somehow equating inaction with moral superiority and the delusion that this will somehow drive the terrorists to abandon their perverse dreams of a superior Islamic world.

While there may be many suicide bombers in the midst of the terrorists, the last thing that their operational leaders wish for is a JDAM or Cruise Missile zipping down the street and following them to their den of evils. Operational suicide missions have a specific goal: to kill us in a huge and terror-inspiring bang. Death by cruise missile offers no such tremendously uplifting messages to the Arab world other than to say: boy, really really are out of our league.

When September 11th happened, I remember a small minority of Leftists who wanted us to stay out of Afghanistan and not strike back. Their arguing point was quickly muted, however, as most of the world understood that America could never take this kind of declaration of war without an immediate response.

Yet this philosophy has remained and grown so significantly now that we hear it preached at all manner of rallies and arguments in the press: do nothing. Do not wiretap terrorists, do not selectively search the Muslim community (have the Baptists done anything to us recently?), do not profile, do not empower the government to share intelligence between agencies, do not fight in Iraq, do not fight in Afghanistan, do not set our sights on Syria and Lebanon and Iran; just do nothing.

News gathering serves a definite purpose, but without thoughtful commentary such as this, we would be adrift in a sea of information. Someone has to draw a conclusion now and then.

Banagor does. May he go michayil el chayil, from strength to strength.