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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Banagor's Scorn

Banagor reports that the lefties in his (San Francisco) corner of the world are in shock because Saddam's capture will hurt the Democrats:
I walked down to the coffee shop around the corner from where I live and everyone is sitting outside, the heart of Cole Valley, sipping their morning espresso and chatting about the news.

"I've heard that they had him for months and only pulled him out now because of the elections"

"I don't really believe it is him. It must be a double. You know that Bush would stoop to that."

"Yeah, I don't believe it either. It was staged."

"Maybe it was him but what about all the other things like Haliburton?"

"I don't put anything past Bushcheney and Rove. It's a set up."

"I'm still in shock, you know what this means for his numbers?"

"How can you be happy about it? You know what this means for Dean?"

Along these same lines, I heard some "expert" on CNN this morning begrudgingly admit that the capture of Saddam was a "necessary element" in the war, and go on to say . . . BUT it doesn't change the average Iraqi's need for electricity and a job, etc. yadda yadda yadda. I've had enough of this nay-saying, enough of the leftist alignment with terrorists.

Banagor acidly scorns their self-serving, narrow-minded and immoral crapola. READ IT ALL, and be glad.